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Eating Jumiles (stink bugs) in Taxco, Mexico (crazy things for love)

Jumiles (eating stink bugs) in Taxco, Mexico: Full disclosure: Jumiles are stink bugs! They are one of 1900 types of edible insects. But even still, why would I eat them? Well, shortly after Leticia and I got together, she asked me whether I’d like to meet her family in Taxco, Mexico. Of course, I readily agreed. […]

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10 Reasons to Challenge Your Emotional Gravity

Gravity is the invisible force that pulls upon all matter that is physical. It is powerful enough to control the rotation of the planets that rotate around the sun and maintain their position in orbit. Emotional gravity is the invisible force that dictates your life within the confines of homeostasis. It can affect your ability to maintain a healthy […]

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