10 Reasons to Challenge Your Emotional Gravity

Gravity is the invisible force that pulls upon all matter that is physical. It is powerful enough to control the rotation of the planets that rotate around the sun and maintain their position in orbit. Emotional gravity is the invisible force that dictates your life within the confines of homeostasis. It can affect your ability to maintain a healthy relationship and limit your happiness. It can even influence the level of success you achieve and your finances.

The Power of Shared Experience:

The phrase “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” was made popular by Benjamin Franklin. Allegedly because he published it in Poor Richard’s Almanac. However, but the phrase reportedly first appeared in a book of proverbs written by John Clarke in 1639. Thus it was probably not originally created by Clarke either, since it was featured in a book of proverbs.

On the same note, most of the concepts and ideas that I am going to share with you on this web site, are not my original ideas. Rather they represent a cumulation of knowledge that has come to me from:

  • Reading books, lots of books every day!
  • Certification courses in Strategic Intervention.
  • Certification courses in Hypnotherapy.
  • My own personal coaching sessions!
  • My own counseling sessions!

Why does a coach need a coach?

For the same reason a hypnotherapist relies upon the services of another hypnotherapist. Or a medical doctor seeks the counsel of another medical doctor. Sometimes on this journey we call life, sage advice comes from those who might only be a step or two further along the path.

Each of us shares the experience of being human in physical form, thus we have the same basic Six Human Needs. We differ in the events that we experience as we grow and evolve. Our perception of these events is what colors how we see the world. And it is the belief structure that we create as a result of those events, that defines the way we experience the world.

Shared Identity Created by Life’s Events:

I won’t bore you with full details of my own personal story, because that is not why you are here. However, I will share a few details that defined my identity for many years:

  • I am the child of divorced parents.
  • I was born middle class.
  • “Immigrant” and “Mayflower” blood run in my veins.
  • I was raised to believe in the American Dream.
  • My first step-mother committed suicide.
  • My father murdered my second step-mother.
  • My father shot two other members of my family.
  • My father served 27 years in prison.
  • We lost the family ranch / legacy in litigation.
  • I married young, had three children and got divorced.
  • I re-married and lived happily for many years.
  • We lost a daughter to terminal illness.
  • My second wife committed suicide one year later.
  • Her family sued me for everything, for eight years.
  • I won the lawsuit, but lost everything we owned.

None of this is actually important. It is simply the framework for a story that I told myself once upon a time. I share it with you simply so that you may see that we’re not that different. We all face challenges in our lives. While those challenges may come in different forms, they exist to help us grow beyond ourselves.

The Power to Turn It All Around:

Through the course of adversity that presented itself in my life, I learned that it takes effort and commitment to enjoy an incredible life that. One that is full of abundance, joy, happiness and some incredible relationships. The vantage point from which I view life is not something which occurred by accident. It’s not even the result of a conscious decision to be more happy and enjoy life more. If only it were that simple to be able to use willpower to turn our lives around!

In order to experience true happiness and inner peace, it’s necessary to stop relying upon external events and stimulus. It was necessary to turn inward to satisfy my desire to feel and experience:

  1. Abundance;
  2. Courage;
  3. Gratitude
  4. Happiness / Joy;
  5. Love / Connection;
  6. Personal Empowerment;
  7. Physical Health;
  8. Sense of Satisfaction
  9. Spiritual Growth;
  10. Wholeness.

Which I have listed here alphabetically in an attempt to demonstrate that they are all important. We must experience all of these things with a sense of balance, if we are to evolve to our true potential.

From my perspective, these concepts define the 10 Best Reasons to Challenge Your Emotional Gravity. It is the unfettered pursuit of these things that defines the magic of the human spirit. Unfortunately our ability to experience the magnitude of these emotions is usually limited by the Emotional Gravity created by past experiences.

It is my desire that we can live better lives by working together to Challenge Your Emotional Gravity. At least to the extent that learned behaviors and emotional responses can be unlearned. They can be de-programmed. Negative emotions and habits can be overwritten with ones which are more positive. Behaviors can be improved through better understanding why we tend to do the things we do and react in certain ways.

Strategic Intervention provides strategies for improving our lives. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy enable us to bypass the critical mind and gain access to the subconscious.

Todd Gray

Todd Gray

Strategic Intervention Coach, Hypnotherapist at Gray Matter Development, LLC
Hypnotherapist + Strategic Intervention = Hypno-Coach. Reading the stuff this guy spins will alter your perception of reality. #ChallengeYourGravity is about living the life most people only dream about. Todd should know, he's been on #PermanentVacation for 3+ years! Traveling the world, working online & freediving. He teaches his clients to Master the Law of Attraction • Create Passionate Relationships • Conquer Adversity • Overcome Challenges & so much more! Be sure to Follow Todd on Instagram for daily inspiration!