#ChallengeYourGravity and Live The Dream!

Everybody in this Game Talks About SUCCESS, but that means something different to every person on the planet!
How do you define success? What does it mean? What does it look like? What does it feel like? How will you achieve success?
One Way to Succeed is to Model the Mindset & Strategies of Successful People.
If you've ever tried to change something and create positive habits, then you know that will power alone is not enough.
It Also Helps to Have Somebody to Challenge Your Gravity & Guide You Through the Process!

Seed your mind for success, prosperity and happiness

You are as Successful as You Want To Be! Say What?!?!

It's always interesting when people hear this concept for the first time. You can imagine telling somebody "you are as successful as you want to be." It gets a variety of responses.

You can accept this reality, as simple truth. Understanding that the tendency to react to such things negatively, is just the conscious mind trying to defend its reality. However on a subconscious level, you know that this is true. And now that you know this, you might wonder how to change your mind. How to accept this new reality and move beyond that glass ceiling. The key to success is to desensitize your subconscious mind to fear and failure, then condition it to accept higher levels of achievement. Plant the garden of your mind with seeds of happiness, prosperity and success.